Cooking Classes - Lake Como

Bespoke private cooking classes, fun for all ages. Cooking Classes are designed for small groups 2-8 people. We run Pasta making classes, Sourdough Pizza class, Gelato and traditional local dishes. Come along and have fun learning something new.

Learn from a Como local how to cook delicious Italian dishes, in a fun relaxed environment.

Why not join us in Katie's home to learn the family secrets of making great Italian dishes, breads, pizzas and more!

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Food lovers tour of Como

Katie also runs private food tours of the huge fresh produce market in Como, Italy. Meet local farmers and producers & sample their artisan cheeses, breads, fish, meats & fruit and vegetables. Learn how to choose the best seasonal Italian ingredients.

Then return with Katie to her Como home to prepare a fresh seasonal Italian lunch, learn some seasonal recipes & enjoy a freshly prepared lunch al fresco with local wines and dessert.

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Katie Cooking, Shopping and Eating in Lake Como

Cooking with Katie

Katie hails from Wicklow Ireland, where she met her Sicilian husband , Dario Cardile, many years ago.

Katie has always loved food, both preparing it and eating it! We love travelling and food is a very important part of that experience.

Katie has lived (and cooked!) in Dublin, New York, San Francisco, Oregon, Amsterdam, Paris, Rennes, Sydney, Melbourne, Taormina, Florence & Rome. Como is now her home of over 4 years, after moving from Rome.

Her experience, in living, shopping, eating and cooking in such beautiful cities around the world has influenced her cooking, and her respect for cooking traditions and good local ingredients.

Katie's Sicilian in-laws have over 70 years of experience supplying the best ingredients to Pastry and bread shops in Sicily. Katie has certainly learned a lot about Sicilian and Italian food from them.

Honestly though, I am a bit of a lazy and greedy cook. I love food, eating and cooking, but at times, as with any family, I have a hungry bunch of kids to feed and not much time.

My cooking style is also for those cooks out there who love to eat yummy and healthy food with their families and yet where possible make the cooking process as easy and simple as possible without loosing any of the flavour.


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Recipes from our Como Cooking Classes