Basil from the markets – Pesto Recipe

Basil has just arrived at the markets in generous leafy green bunches.

After a busy day out with the kids, an easy dinner was needed.

Blitzing together homemade pesto takes just a minute and the kids loved it spread on their toasted ciabatta bread with a tomato salad.

Bruschetta for dinner is easy and yes it is just a fancy name for toast!!


90g of fresh basil leaves

65g pine nuts *

100ml extra virgin olive oil

35g grated Parmesan

30g grated Pecorino ( or Parmesan if you don’t have Pecorino )


1. Put basil and nuts in blender and quickly blitz just until it becomes grainy. Don’t overwork the mixture.

2. Slowly add the olive oil while blender is running.

3. Add grated cheeses and blitz one final time.

4. Spoon into nice glass jar and top with olive oil.

Enjoy on fresh crusty bread or on pasta!

* Normally I would use only pine nuts but this evening I didn’t have enough so I used 25g pine nuts and 40g almonds with their skins or without, works well and if you have anyone allergic to nuts you could just use all almonds ! (Technically almonds are pulses not nuts some some people with nut allergies can still eat almonds.)

pesto bruschetta