Bruschetta with Peas and Ricotta

My father was over visiting from Ireland so Saturday night we wanted to have nice BBQ together.

We had been down to Como Market and there were fresh spring peas. These are so wonderful to eat when in season, just rinse them, remove them from the pod, and you can eat them raw with salt and a little olive oil.

While we were preparing the BBQ Saturday night, these lovely spring bruschetta were just the right thing to munch on before the main meal.

Bruschetta ricotta piselli


10 Slices of Semola Grano Duro Bread

200g Fresh Sheeps Ricotta Cheese

Extra Virgin Olive Oil to drizzle over

Salt to taste


1. Toast slices of bread on the BBQ, I used a Pugliese type of grano duro bread but any nice rustic bread will do.

2. Rub raw garlic clove on one side of each toasted bread slice.

3. Drizzle olive oil onto bread & spoon on the fresh ricotta, sprinkle on the fresh peas directly from the pea pods. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle of salt.


Goes very well with glass of Martini Bianco (dolce not dry) on ice & lemon.

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