A Recipe for every day Italian Family Cooking & Bread making, directly from Katie’s Kitchen in Como.


Gorgeous Gelato Stracciatella with Cookies

Who Doesn’t love a light icy Italian Gelato? Full of flavour and refreshingly light. Most summer evenings in Italy we enjoy a Gelato while strolling around Como. My husbands family in Sicily had two ‘Pasticcerias’ in Sicily and they made incredible Gelato every day, using all the wonderful fruits and nuts that Sicily has to …

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7 Easy Steps to Create your own Sourdough Starter

Create your own Sourdough Starter, it is really very easy. During the COVID Lockdown we are all spending much more time at home, and its isn’t always possible to go out daily to find fresh bread, or to find yeast in the supermarket. Luckily most small shops and supermarkets still have flour, and that is …

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Katie’s Irish Wholegrain Soda Bread

#quarantine #corona #IrishSodaBread #bakingbread #easybaking #noyeast #quickbread #healthybread This soda bread started me on my bread making adventure many years ago, but that’s a story for another time. Right now in the middle of quarantined Italy, we all need to be able to make breads easily and with the kind of simple ingredients we all …

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Cantuccini are originally from Tuscany, they are a crunchy, nutty sweet ‘Biscotti’ traditionally served after dinner to be dipped in sweet , Vin Santo, dessert wine. Actually they are incredibly easy to prepare, and can be personalised by changing the extra ingredients you would like to add in. My original recipe calls for 100g of …

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Piadina Cooking Classes

Ciabatta & Piadina Class

We had great fun today making Ciabatta Bread,Piadina and fresh pesto, on a beautiful sunny day in Como. Here are just a few of the pictures from the class.

Ciabatta Bread

Ciabatta Bread

Classic Italian Ciabatta. There isn’t a single Italian Family meal in which bread is not present on the table, and what is better than a light, crusty bread to scoop up the sauce of say Melanzane Parmigana? “Fare la scarpetta” in Italy they say it shouldn’t be done in polite society, but I think its …

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