How to Easily Shape Bread Rolls

During this lockdown I am making bread rolls almost every day, they are perfect for filling for lunch time sandwiches, Hamburgers for dinner or just sliced up and toasted for breakfast the next day. Learning how to shape bread rolls is such a handy skill and it doesn’t matter what dough you start with, whether it’s yeasted, sourdough, wholemeal or seeded. The shaping is always the same (assuming its not a very wet hydrated dough! more on that later).

shape bread rolls

These little babies are 100g of dough each and bake up nicely in 17 minutes at 200 degrees. Couldn’t be simpler!

The video below shows how to carefully shape the perfect round bread rolls.

Why do we care how we shape bread rolls?

The technique is important to master and will effect the final texture and rise of the bread rolls.

We we want to stretch the ‘skin’ of the dough, knit and seal it together in a seam underneath the roll. This means that during the final resting of the bread rolls, any air created during fermentation stays trapped inside the rolls.

Often first time bakers end up with dense bread or loaves or rolls that rise outward and along the tray rather than upward. This is usually all to do with how the bread has been shaped. We want to create a shape that will hold the bread up during the final rest and then during baking.

Ok have a look now and see if any of that makes any sense 🙂

How to Shape Bread Rolls

And if you are looking for a great recipe to create the dough for nice bread rolls you can try this Easy Yeast Bread Rolls recipe or if you have sourdough starter ready try the Easy Sourdough Bread Rolls.

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