Italian peach gelato

Italian Peach Gelato

The sun is shinning and the temperature is rising here in Como. The first Pesche Noce have arrived at the Como Market! My mind immediately thinks of Italian Peach Gelato. Hurray! This is my favourite time of the year, the market is full of fresh fruits all ready for me to make Italian Gelato with. I literally can’t wait today, I bought 2 kilos worth of peaches and dashed home to prepare our family favourite Italian Peach Gelato.

Our family are huge Gelato eaters, actually once the sunny weather comes out, I would say we eat Gelato at least once a day, every day! Well I am going to pretend that it is an Italian Right! “Thou shalt eat Gelato” daily when living in Italia. I reckon that, the real Italian Gelato, made the way the artisan ‘Gelataios’ make it, is actually a relatively healthy food. I mean what a way to get extra fruit portions into your diet!

Real Italian Fruit Gelato, contains NO DAIRY at all! It is just Fresh Fruit, a little sugar and a very small amount of egg white. That is it! Now come on, that has to be good for us, right? I just LOVE fruit Gelato on a hot sunny day, it is so light and tasty and refreshing in the heat.

There are three main bases for Italian Gelato:

  • Fiore di Latte (as used in Stracciatella or Amarena)
  • Custard or Egg Based Gelato such as Chocolate or Coffee
  • Fruit based Gelato – similar to what we call a sorbet in the UK or USA but not quite the same !

If you are looking for a recipe for something a little richer or more chocolatier, you can find my recipe for Italian Stracciatella Gelato on my blog.

Italian Peach Gelato Recipe

My family recipe for Italian Peach Gelato couldn’t be simpler or more traditional! Please do make sure you start with great quality, tasty and perfectly ripe peaches, this is where all the flavour comes from, as with all fruit Gelato. Save your over ripe fruit for making Jam, not Gelato. And if the fruit is underripe and hard, there just won’t be that lovely strong fresh peach flavour in the final gelato, just wait until the ripe ones are ready 🙂

Peach gelato is just perfect to eat on its’ own, served in a glass or in a crispy Cone. For a pretty dessert worthy of a dinner party, crumble amaretti cookies and a fresh leaf of mint on top. I love the nutty almond flavour from the amaretti and the contrast in texture from the crunchy cookie to the creamy fresh gelato.

Fruit Gelato – makes a great base for any add-ins. You can add dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chunks, chopped nuts, crumbled amaretto cookies. Just think carefully about the flavours that go well together and I always like to add contrasting textures. When you want to add something to the gelato, do it just 5 minutes before the gelato is really in the gelato machine. Sprinkle in the chocolate chips or whatever you are adding, allow the gelato machine to churn a few times to combine them evenly through the gelato mixture. And then remove the gelato as before into a final container and in to the freezer for 6 hours to set.

For a more adult use of your Peach Gelato, why not put together a fresh cocktail inspired by the Bellini cocktail. Add one small scoop of Peach Gelato to a champagne flute, and carefully pour in Prosecco a little bit at a time, a perfect refreshing summer cocktail, and it contains one of your five a day fruits! Enjoy!

Italian Peach Gelato

Italian Peach Gelato

Katie Cardile
The sun is shining and the temperature is climbing so it is time for Gelato!
Peaches have arrived in the shops, these lovely 'Pesca Noci' or Smooth skinned peaches are in season. They make the most delicious Italian Peach Gelato, so gather your peaches, and switch on your Gelato machine and lets make some GELATO!
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 40 mins
Freeze Time 6 hrs
Course Dessert
Cuisine Italian
Servings 10 people


  • 750 g Chopped 'Pesche Noce' – Smooth Skin Peaches Stones removed but leave the skins on
  • 120 g Icing Sugar / Maple Syrup / Honey
  • 2 tblsp Pasturised Egg White This is sold in cartons in the supermarket.


  • Place the Peaches & Sugar into a blender and blend on high for 2 mins. Keep checking and cleaning down the sides of the blender during this time to ensure all of the peaches have been blended into a smooth liquid with no lumps.
  • Add the two tablespoons of pasturised egg whites, and mix gentle just until incorporated, no need to beat any area into the mixture at this stage.
  • Pour the mixture into your Gelato machine and churn for 35 – 45 mins. Times will vary depending on the machines used.
  • Once is is pale in colour and has frozen into a thick mixture, then using a spatula carefully scoop the gelato into a large tupperware container and place in the freezer for at least 6 hours before serving.
    Of course if you just can't wait you can have a scoop already, but the texture and flavour will mature better after 6 hours in the freezer. Enjoy!
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