Gluten Free Soda Bread

Naturally Gluten Free Soda Bread

This Gluten free soda bread recipe, is the result of lots of experiments and home, and lots of tastings by the kids! So this one is kid and mum approved!

When my son was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease a few years ago, we embarked on a Gluten-Free diet. For a passionate baker and lover of chewy crunchy loaves of healthy sourdough bread this was a bit of a shock. As an Irish Mum, Soda Bread was what I often baked for my family but my traditional recipe contained gluten.

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Gluten free bread generally tastes of either not much, or is overly sweet, salty or gummy. And that was just about the taste, when you look at the ingredients necessary to make a dough without gluten it always involved large amounts of corn or potato starch, low fibre, and generally highly processed ingredients and usually with added gums (guar / anthem) to help replace the gluten. I wanted to find a bread for my son that I was proud to bake for him and feed him as a regular part of his diet.

My sons nutritionist here in Como warned us to be careful when following a new Gluten-free diet, because many of the prepared gluten free foods (Pasta, Bread, Biscuits etc) are also very high Glycemic Index foods, since they usually contain High amounts of Corn or Potato starch and are usually very low in fibre. Fibre is very important here as it slows down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Very very important!

So I set out to find a good healthy gluten free wholegrain bread for my son to have as part of his regular diet. It was no easy task! But thanks to a few trials and errors I found the most simple and delicious solution. It turns out all I needed to do was go back to my families original Irish soda bread and take OUT ingredients rather than adding any new ones 🙂

You will note in the recipe I have also added in Brazil nuts as an optional extra. Brazil nuts are high in Selenium a micronutrient that many Hashimoto patients are deficient in. My son isn’t a great fan of eating Brazil nuts whole, so blending them into a flour and adding them to this bread dough is a great way of including them in his diet and ours!

Selenium is an essential mineral, meaning it must be obtained through your diet. It’s only needed in small amounts but plays a major role in important processes in your body, including your metabolism and thyroid function. For more information check out:

Irish Soda Bread

Katie’s Gluten-Free Irish Soda Bread

This recipe is delicious naturally Gluten-Free with no fake flour or funny gums necessary. All natural ingredients and so easy to make. The addition of Brazil nuts can make this recipe rich in Selenium, an essential mineral for supporting healthy thyroid function.
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 45 mins


  • 375 g Naturally Gluten-free Oats
  • 80 g Brasil Nuts optional + Salenium for Thyroid function
  • 400 ml Milk whole or low fat all options work
  • 3 tbsp Olive oil or sunflower oil
  • 3 tbsp Cider Vinegar
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt


  • Preheat oven to 175 degrees celcius.
  • Mix the Milk, Vinegar and olive oil together in a large Glass or jug.
  • Put 200g of the oats into your blender and blitz for 30 seconds to make into a rough flour.
  • Optional: Add the brasil nuts if using, and blitz again for another 30 seconds to make into rough flour.
  • Add the remaining 175g of oats, salt and sugar to the blender and mix gently.
  • Add the milk oil and vingar mixture and mix on a low setting just until forms a nice wet dough.
  • Prepare a loaf tine by lining with baking paper. Pour the dough into the tin, and spinkle a handful of oast ontop for decoration and texture.
  • Bake the loaf for 50 mins at 175 degrees celcius, oven times may vary, but the loaf should by nice and golden brown and make a hollow sound when you tap the base of the tin, if in doubt leave it to bake for an extra 5 or 10 mins, as the gluten free dough can be a little on the wet side so can withstand and extra few minutes in the oven. Just keep an eye on it so the crust doesn't burn.
  • Remove from the oven, and let it rest for 1 minute in the tin. Then remove from the tin, take off the baking paper and let it cool on a cooling rack for at least 20 minutes before slicing.


This recipe is the result of a long search for a delicious, healthy, Naturally Gluten free Bread for my son. He was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. The addition of Brazil nuts to this bread ass a healthy dose of Selenium. This mineral is crucial to a healthy Thyroid function and many Hashimoto’s patients are very low in this essential mineral.
But don’t just take my word for it. Google Hashimoto Selenium Thyroid and look at all the wonderful research there is out there on the subject.
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The above recipe can be used to make one whole loaf which is great for breakfast, or to accompany soup or salad for lunch or dinner. My sons’ doctor also suggested removing lactose from his diet, so we use Lactose free cows milk in our bread at home. But please feel free to use what ever cows milk works for you. Do note however that if you use nut milks the texture of the bread will change slightly and this can be balanced by adding a little more olive oil to rebalance the fat content.

Our family favourite is to slather lots of yummy Irish butter on this bread which generous spoons of homemade raspberry jam. Delicious!

Homemade raspberry jam

This couldn’t be easier to make, mix 300g of frozen raspberries and 150g of sugar in a large glass bowl and cook for 5 mins in the microwave. Stir and cook for another 5 mins on medium. Mix a little with a fork to break up any remaining pieces and then pour into a clean glass jar. Enjoy!

raspberry jam-scones

Further Reading…

On the subject of dietary changes and advice for Hashimoto’s patients, I found Isabella Wentz’s article very interesting. Happy Reading!

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  1. Hi! I’m thrilled to have found your recipe! My daughter has Hashimoto’s and we are really trying hard to keep her diet super clean, gluten free, and nutrient dense. This bread is perfect. I went to make it yesterday and noticed that the directions refer to salt and sugar, but I don’t see them in the ingredients. Can you please provide those amounts? Thanks so much!

    1. Hello Gina,

      So nice to hear from you. I hope your daughter and you are both well and have fun making this bread together. My son adores it with homemade chocolate Nutella or pistacchio cream both packed with raw nuts and super yummy!

      Thank you Gina for noting the missing salt and sugar amounts. Apologies for the omission, I have updated the recipe.

  2. 5 stars
    We are doing well, hope you guys are as well! Thanks so much for the update! We made it last night and it is absolutely delicious! We are so excited to have this staple. Looking forward to trying it with the Nutella and nut butters. Thanks again!!

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