Sourdough bread. A solution for those with gluten intolerance?

Sourdough prepared the old fashioned way, before added gluten and fast-rising yeast became the norm, may be one solution for those who can’t tolerate gluten.

Long fermentation process allows bacteria to fully break down the carbohydrates and gluten in bread, making it easier to digest and releasing the nutrients within it, allowing our bodies to more easily absorb them.

Some hypothesize that the speeding up of the bread-making process for mass consumption has so radically altered what we know as bread in the last century that it’s no longer as easily digested.

In 2011, a small study conducted in Italy tried giving volunteers with celiac disease a small amount of specially prepared sourdough bread. The subjects in the study seemed to react well to the sourdough, which had been fermented until the gluten within it was degraded. The study authors concluded it was not toxic to the celiac disease subjects.

So could bread prepared the slow old fashioned way, the way it was made before added gluten and fast-rising yeast became the norm, be a solution to the gluten intolerance epidemic? Maybe, is the short version of the complicated answer, according to leading celiac experts.

For those with true celiac disease, it is too soon to extrapolate the findings of a small study to changes in diet.

For those with a less severe reaction, Or  “gluten intolerance”, which is more commonly known as non-celiac gluten sensitivity, the sourdough process may increase tolerance for consuming the bread, says Alessio Fasano, director of the Center for Celiac Research at Massachusetts General Hospital. The long fermentation process to make sourdough bread the old fashioned way does reduce some of the toxic parts of gluten for those that react to it, says Peter Green, director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University.

Extracted from recent article from The Guardian, to read the full article,

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